skin diseases which affect 30% of the world wide population can be prevented by the right knowledge and education

Weather changes and the high temperatures climate in the gulf area may be one of the causes that may lead to dry skin and eczema, and different kinds of skin diseases and disorders.Regarding that issue, well-known dermatologists and doctors gathered to launch the great event of unity between ALLERGIKA and ARAC which was held in Rixos in the Palm Dubai, UAE on May16, 2013. Dermatologists joined this great medical event to discuss a variety of medical issues, disorders, symptoms, treatments and the latest products to protect and prevent skin diseases.

The opening of the event started with Dr. Mohammad El-Sawah, who welcomed the guests and gave them a brief introduction about the topic and the unity between ARAC and ALLEREGIKA and their first launching that is going to be held in K.S.A. He shed some light on the benefits of this strategic alliance and focused on the advantages that will be brought to the gulf area.

Furthermore, from Germany to Dubai Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Johannes Ring Director and Chairman of Dermatology and Allergy Biederstein, joined the event and explained the  different types of skin diseases and disorders, in addition to dry skin and eczema.  He highlighted the global problem which is Atopic Eczema. He stated that this kind of disease is not for rich people only and it targets 6.7% of the population. In addition, he mentioned some of its side effects and how it can reflect on people’s health, which led him to reveal the latest treatments such as, Atopy Patch Test, Atopic Eczema Therapy and Wet Wraps.

On the other hand, the Manager Director of ALLERGIKA Dr. Hartmut Bannert stated the secret behind the name ALLGERIGIKA which had 20 years history of success, and indicated that this company is the only medical skin care organization that provides treatments from head to toe. He also spoke in his interview about what makes this company special and different than other competitors in the market.  Likewise, he said “that here in the gulf area people are not exposed to the sun enough and are more exposed to air conditioner  which may cause dry skin and other skin diseases”.

Moreover, during the event a panel discussion was held and the audiences were motivated, active and shared some of their thoughts and ideas. They also had questions directed to Dr. Ring about the cost of the medication and its treatments, while others asked about its symptoms and whether or not vitamin D has any role in the healing process.

Additionally, Dr. Ernd Michael gave us a close up vision of what ALLERGIKA contains, and what makes it special than other skin care products in the market. He declared that it’s a safe product and that they developed unique formulas that newborns can use. It’s also packaged in a professional and used high technique packing that makes easy to use. The product ALLERGIKA treats skin from head to toe starting with head care, sculpt, facial care, eyes and spreading to the rest of the human body.

Prof.Sameer Khader Zimmo the Associate Professor of Dermatology in King Abdulaziz University joined the event and participated in the discussion with both doctors and audience as well. He stated many useful comments and information. He was impressed with the level of knowledge that was presented and gave his positive feedback.

Dr. Hussein Aboul Azm , A. Product Manager also shared his vision about this historical unity and declared how much he is optimistic about the success of joining ALLERGIKA and ARAC. He also shared the developing t process of the product in K.S.A.

Dr. Lamis Khas showed her interest in the given information that was hosted in the event. Also, as a dermatologist, she gave an advice to the patients who are suffering from skin diseases and mention that people in Middle East, especially in the gulf area, have a higher chance to be exposed to dry skin. She directed them to keep moisturizing their skin and to use special products based on doctors’ recommendations. She insisted on applying the appropriate sunscreen that keeps us safe from the harmful sun reflection.

Last but not least, all the audience including the guest speakers and the doctors were taken on a tour inside ALLERGIKA Portfolio to show the different products and treatments.

 In conclusion, skin diseases which affect 30% of the world wide population can be prevented by the right knowledge and education. This event that was held in Dubai and attracted many doctors and professors from all around the world, East and West, was a great opportunity to communicate and educate. Also, the unity between two great companies ARAC and ALLERGIKA can be very valuable and bring great benefits and cures to prevent these kinds of diseases that can target us at any time.