ARAC Health Care Company, organized recently in Dubai a launch meeting to introduce” AVA” ARAC Virtual Academy. The seminar was held in Jumaira Beach Hotel in Dubai with the presence of a number of professionals from the health and pharmaceutical field.

This event is taking a place in a time where the pharmaceutical field witnesses a rapid development and has become a vital sector in the health care field in Gulf and the Middle- East.

Dr.Mohamed ELSawah Marketing Manager, ARAC Health Care had started the event welcoming all health care professionals who attend this event.

After that, Dr.Mohamed Nabil , AVA Project Manager (ARAC Health Care) had explained the AVA Project and gave an overview about  the Project  “The AVA creates a virtual community, vehicle for pharmacists in the Middle East to interact and share their knowledge and experiences in a brimming hub of international experience through this new approach and mechanism the “Continuous Education”.

As a consultant in E-learning and Continuous Education, Dr. Leyla Hannbeck defined the continuous learning as a process that helps a team to improve their overall performances.

It is  a new model of trainings for pharmaceutical companies which gathered the leaders of the industry to provide integrated services for patients.

Dr. Leyla explained that the continuous learning in any organization , means growth through learning experiences. It provides learners (pharmacists in this case ) with the benefits of updating their knowledge . In addition, it saves times and money. A cheaper and faster process helps improving both technical and soft skills. It is an opportunity to work on soft skills,  these skills that we don’t learn them in traditional academies. In fact, Dr. Hannbeck has presented the benefits of E- Learning in a workshop session under the title of “ E Learning Update”.

She explained the advantages and the process of Continuous Education and E learning.

In a partnership with” Canada Health Facts”, ARAC Virtual Academy has provided a training workshop to the guests in how to use AVA Website. It was given by Engineer Mohammed khalifa the Technical Consultant of Canada Health Facts. He explained to the pharmaceutical professionals who attended the seminar how to access , register  and benefits the courses that AVA provides.

Finally, Dr. Mohammed Nabil (AVA Project Manager) ended the meeting with a speech that explains that ARAC Health Care Company took this initiative to provide a premium destination for healthcare professionals seeking efficient. He declared also that AVA is a virtual community that will create an opportunity to pharmacists to improve and share their knowledge and performance.

He encouraged, in addition the representatives of healthcare companies who attended the launch meeting to benefit the advantages that this process provides.


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